Maks Verver’s GitHub homepage

I have over a hundred repositories on my GitHub account, many small one-off projects, but some more substantial and/or more generally useful.

Below is a selection of projects that I find useful or interesting, listed in no particular order. Many of these are pretty old. Some are web applications, some of which are implemented in JavaScript and HTML only. Standalone applications are usually designed to compile and run on Linux, but some also work on FreeBSD or Windows.

Live demos

The following projects have live demos hosted on GitHub:

The following are self-hosted and may be temporarily or permanently unavailable:

Other projects

The following is a selection of Github repositories that I find memorable.

Linux/FreeBSD tools

Programming contests


More puzzles are linked under the live demos section above.


More games are linked under the live demos section above.


Esoteric languages


Last updated: 2023-05-02